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This scam websites owner is Alan Buchanan he run this site through date4 friend ag. Alan Buchanan owns lot's of fake dating sites. There's not a single real woman you'll found in this scam sites. All of Alan Buchanan dating sites use chat operator.

Alan Buchanan is behind of many fake dating sites run by date4friend ag. Date4friend is a scam organization just type they're name in Google and you'll see how many people they have scammed but people don't know that Mr Alan Buchanan is one of the main people behind this scam organization.

Alan Buchanan is huge criminal who run many criminal organization. Alan Buchanan is owner of scam organization bucks media LTD and Highland brick's LTD both are registered in UK. He funded this company buy scamming thousand of people through date4friend ag.

Just report his scam to UK government and they'll take care of him. He have to give compensation to all those people who he has scammed.

Scammer Alan Buchanan email is [email protected]

His Instagram id is @buckyuk

We have to put him behind jail otherwise he'll scam more people through date4friend ag.

Scam site run by scammer Alan Buchanan.

Scam site run by scammer Alan Buchanan.